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SEGA's Naomi 2 Press Release


NAOMI2, the arcade system developed by Sega and based on PowerVR graphics technology, debuts today at the 38th Amusement Machine Show in Tokyo. 

NAOMI2 sets a new standard for arcade gaming and will reinforce the dominance of the NAOMI arcade platform, which has become an arcade industry standard, providing stunning entertainment experiences worldwide.

NAOMI2 is the next generation graphics architecture for arcade systems incorporating technologies designed by PowerVR Technologies - a division of Imagination Technologies - as part of the continuing partnership between Sega, NEC Corporation, and Imagination Technologies. Sega is already using the system for the development of the next generation of arcade titles, and some of these outstanding game images will be demonstrated at the Amusement Machine Show. 

Says Hideki Sato, Senior Managing Director of Sega Enterprises: "NAOMI2 is at the cutting edge of gaming, there is no comparable videogame system in the world. NAOMI2 utilizes PowerVR's inherent scalability and the new hardware geometry and lighting engine, to deliver an unmatched level of gaming experience that will amaze arcade goers worldwide.  NAOMI2 not only provides beautiful graphics but also significantly frees up resources in the main CPU for actual game dynamics, allowing developers to write games that will stretch the boundaries."

NAOMI2 is based on the PowerVR architecture and also incorporates an advanced PowerVR co-processing engine for great game dynamics and full hardware geometry transformation and lighting (T&L), which reduces the CPU load to 1/10th, as well as direct and efficient support for use of multiple PowerVR rendering processors for super high performance and outstanding image quality.

Says Hossein Yassaie, CEO, Imagination Technologies: "NAOMI2 will enable Sega and its partners to create the most realistic games ever seen in an arcade by utilizing the advanced PowerVR hardware transformation and lighting engine, together with multiple PowerVR rendering processors."

Says Hidetoshi Kosaka, General Manager, NEC: "The relationship between NEC and Sega has been very successful and we are pleased that this ongoing relationship has now entered its next phase of achievement and innovation."

Inside NAOMI2

NAOMI2 is a highly optimized parallel rendering architecture featuring twin PowerVR rendering engines, using adaptive load balancing across the dual engine and a full hardware Geometry Transformation and Lighting processor. With no-penalty for up to six fully featured lights NAOMI2 can provide 10M triangles/sec sustained throughput in real gaming applications. NAOMI2 also features combined dynamic and static model processing, multiple light type support (ambient, parallel, point and spot), hardware Z clipping, offscreen and backface culling, hardware bump mapping, and hardware environmental mapping support.

Editor's Note

For more information about the 38th Amusement Machine Show visit the JAMMA website at http://www.jamma.or.jp/english/index.htm. The show takes place from 21st - 23rd September at the Tokyo Big Sight.

About Sega

Sega Enterprises, Ltd. is a nearly $2.5 billion company recognized as the industry leader in interactive digital entertainment media, offering interactive entertainment experiences both inside and outside the home. Sega's World Wide Web site is located at: http://www.sega.co.jp.

About NEC Corporation

NEC Corporation (NASDAQ: NIPNY)(FTSE: 6701q.l) is a leading provider of internet solutions, dedicated to meeting the specialized needs of its customers in the key computer, network and electron device fields through its three market-focused in-house companies: NEC Solutions, NEC Networks and NEC Electron Devices, NEC Corporation, with its in-house companies, employs more than 150,000 people worldwide and saw net sales of 4,991 billion yen (approx. US$48 billion) in fiscal year 1999-2000.  For further information, please visit the NEC home page at: http://www.nec-global.com.

About PowerVR Technologies

PowerVR Technologies - a division of Imagination Technologies - develops and markets the unique PowerVR graphics/video technology.  Existing partners licensing the technology include NEC and STMicroelectronics.  PowerVR Technologies design wins have included Sega's latest video game console, Dreamcast, the NAOMI arcade system, which is used in the majority of new arcade machines worldwide, and numerous PC add-in and OEM customers.

More information is available on the PowerVR Technologies web site at: http://www.powervr.com.

About Imagination Technologies

Imagination Technologies Group plc is an international company that develops, licenses and supplies market-leading 2D/3D graphics, digital video, audio and speech technologies and products for consumer entertainment and PC markets. The company has deployed and planned technologies for games consoles, PCs, arcade entertainment machines, digital set-top boxes, in-car information/entertainment systems, and mobile devices.  Since it was founded in 1985, the company has introduced, via licensing arrangements or directly, a succession of innovative technologies, silicon chips and add-in boards, which have played a major role in the development of multimedia and computer-based entertainment systems. Imagination Technologies Group plc has its corporate headquarters in the United Kingdom and is publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange (FTSE:IMG).  More information is available on the Imagination Technologies web site at: http://www.imgtec.com