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Preview: VideoLogic's KYRO 2 Chipset
KYRO 2 will be the second chip in the PowerVR Series3 family. It was announced by VideoLogic on March 22nd, 2001.

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KYRO 2 has the exact same features of KYRO 1, but runs at a higher clock rate. KYRO 1 is manufactured at 0.25 microns and KYRO 2 is manufactured at 0.18 microns. Both chipsets are manufactured by STMicroelectronics.
  • GPU core clocked at 175 MHz
  • SDRAM clocked at 175 MHz
  • 128-bit memory data path
  • 2.8 GB/s memory bandwidth
  • 350 megapixels/sec or 350 megatexels/sec
  • over 12 million fully featured polygons per second
  • 15 million transistors
  • STMicroelectronics 0.18 micron process
  • fast 128-bit 2D engine
  • AGP 4X/2X
  • 300 MHz RAMDAC
A few interesting differences between KYRO 1 and KYRO 2 is that the transistor count has increased by 3 million transistors even though this increase is only used to accommodate the increase in clock rate, and has nothing to do with new features. Also VideoLogic now claims "over 12 million fully featured polygons per second", which is a sustained rate and do not quote a peak rate, as they did with the KYRO 1. 

Graphics cards based on the KYRO 2 will have either 32 MB or 64 MB of single data rate (SDR) SDRAM.


These are the cards announced so far:

  • VideoLogic Vivid!XS 32 MB
  • Hercules 3D Prophet 4500 64 MB

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