Dreamcast Technical Pages
Game Developers Conference Presentations 1999

NEC/SEGA/Microsoft gave some technical presentations at this years Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Jose, California (March 15th to the 19th), and now they are available below. You need an Adobe Acrobat (PDF) viewer in order to see these documents, which is available for free from Adobe's website.

Dealing with Large 3D Worlds
This paper discusses a number of techniques that can be used to make a single seamless world of considerable size. These techniques use prediction methods as well as systems similar to portals or "potentially visible sets" to determine in advance what 3D data is going to be needed and arrange to have it loaded before the player gets there.

Accessing PowerVR 2DC Features Under Windows CE
This document lists the PowerVR chip features, Windows CE details for PowerVR 2DC, and looks at enabling PowerVR features through Windows CE.

Techniques for Creating Portals
This document describes both the types and various techniques of implementing portal effects. Each of the basic types of portals covered include room portal, the mirror or TV portal, a glass pane portal for reflective and transmissive glass and a science-fiction-like transport portal.

Portal Techniques for SEGA's Dreamcast
Topics covered include:
1) a very short overview of PowerVR 2DC relevant hardware features
2) specifics on how to render special effects such as mirrors, "magic" windows and TV screens
3) how to use portals as an efficient visibility determination method

(Source: PowerVR.com)