Dreamcast Technical Pages
Saturn Overview

Saturn Specs
Microprocessors (CPU)
Bullet Two Hitachi SH-2's 32-bit RISC @ 28.6 MHz System Control Unit (SCU) rated 28 MIPS for each SH-2.
Bullet One Hitachi SH-1 32-bit RISC @ 20 MHz rated 20 MIPS.
Bullet Sprite VDP1 processor rated at 200,000 textured polygons/sec with  Gouraud shading and translucent mesh polygons.
Bullet Background VDP2 processor with 16-million (24-bit) color support.
Bullet 4.5 MBytes total memory(Segmented Memory Architecture)
Bullet 2 MBytes system RAM
Bullet 512 KBytes VRAM for Sprite VDP1
Bullet 512 KBytes VRAM for Background VDP2
Bullet 512 KBytes frame buffers
Bullet 512 KBytes (PCM waveform memory)
Bullet 512 KBytes (CD-ROM data cache memory)
Bullet 32 KBytes (battery backup memory)
Boot ROM
Bullet 512 KBytes (Sega Saturn game BIOS, CD player software)
Bullet 2X transfer rate: 300 KBytes/second
Bullet Access time < 360 milliseconds
Bullet 680 MBytes total space
Sound Circuitry
Bullet Saturn Custom Sound Processor (SCSP)
Bullet Yamaha FH1 DSP processor @ 22 MHz
Bullet Motorola MC 68EC000 processor @ 11.3 MHz
Bullet Capability: 32 channel MIDI. 16-bit D/A converter. PCM sound: Stereo, 16 channels. 16-bit Sampling frequency (wavelength). 44.1 KHz max. 8x over-sampling digital filter. 
Audio Characteristics
Bullet Frequency range: 20 Hz - 20 KHz
Bullet Channel separation: > 96 dB
Bullet Signal-to-noise ratio (S/N) > 92 dB (a) 1KHz
Bullet Stereo Audio/Visual cable
Bullet Communications connector
Bullet Two control pad ports
Bullet Cartridge slot
Bullet Width: 10.24 in./260 mm
Bullet Height: 3.23 in./82 mm
Bullet Depth: 8.98 in./228 mm
Bullet 3.5 lbs/1.6 Kg

Here is a comparision of the Dreamcast's specifications with the Saturn. 
CPU SH-4 200 MHz
-360 MIPS
-1400 MFLOPS
The SH4 can do interger, and floating point instructions concurrently.
SH-2 28.6 MHz - 28 MIPS
SH-2 28.6 MHz - 28 MIPS
Total 56 MIPS
The SH-2's have no floating point units.
Graphics 5 to 6 million textured polygons per second with extra effects added. 200,000 flat shaded textured polygons per second with no extra effects.
RAM 26 MBytes total RAM
-16 MBytes main memory (SDRAM)
-8 MBytes graphics memory (SDRAM)
-2 MB sound memory (DRAM)
-128 KBytes GD-ROM buffer
4.5 MBytes total RAM
-2 MBytes main memory (SDRAM)
-1.5 MBytes graphics memory (VRAM)
-512 KBytes sound memory (DRAM)
-512 KBytes CD-ROM buffer
Sound 64 channels
-45 MHz ARM7 CPU - 40 MIPS
32 channels
-11.3 MHz 68EC000 CPU - 1.5 MIPS
CD-ROM 12X speed - 1800 KBytes/second 2X speed - 300 KBytes/second