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Dreamcast Development System - Set 5

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The above unit pictured is what developers use to create Dreamcast games. With the picture on the left, the word 'Katana' can be seen on the front of the machine, which is one of the earlier code names for the DC.

Set 5 is the final development kit that performs the same as the current retail version of the DC. Previous development kits, like the Set 4, where only 40 percent the power of Set 5.

On the front of the development unit can be seen controller ports, CD-ROM, power switch, reset switch, and some other items that cannot be made out clearly.

The back of the unit has a huge number of ports like serial, phone line, GD-ROM writer, a couple SCSI ports, VGA, MIDI for music creation, s-video, video, and stereo audio ports.

EDGE reports that the unit costs several thousand pounds, and SEGA representatives also told EDGE that this price just covers the cost of the unit, as no profit is made on it.

(Source: BoosterNL, EDGE magazine)